Harlow’s Hollywood


Jean Harlow personified the Golden Age of Hollywood and her death at the age of 26 secured her position as a legend.

Harlow’s Hollywood is a comprehensive look at Jean Harlow, the original Blonde Bombshell and Platinum Blonde. Both monikers were created especially for her! Harlow rose to fame as a sharp-tongued vamp whose quick wit and sleek glamour captured the imaginations of movie audiences in the 1930s. Her on-screen image was so powerful for its time that Jean became the prototype for the blondes who followed her. The sexpot persona, however, was a startling contrast to the real woman. Away from the limelight, Jean Harlow lived with her mother, liked to knit and longed to start a family.

The tour is hosted by Historian Elisa Jordan of LA Woman Tours and Darrell Rooney, author of Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital.

On this tour, we’ll separate the image from the actual woman, learn about her career and examine her short but complicated life. Some highlights of the day will include:
• Studios where Jean worked
• The site where Jean married her second husband Paul Bern
• The home where Paul Bern mysteriously died from a gunshot wound to the head
• Hangouts fit for a movie star
• The house where Jean lay dying of kidney failure
• And even her dentist’s office—because even Jean Harlow needs a cleaning now and again