The Doors – LA Strange Days Tour


The Doors emerged during a once-in-a-lifetime music scene. In the mid- to late-1960s, Los Angeles was the epicenter of a music and cultural revolution. Rock music changed after The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. As the dust began to settle, the City of Angels emerged at the forefront of what was new in music. Nightclubs popped up all over the city, with their highest concentration located along the world-famous Sunset Strip. The Doors were just one of the countless bands performing, but they “broke on through” to become one of the biggest. Influenced by jazz, the blues, early rock and literature, The Doors sounded like no other band performing on the Strip—or anywhere else. And now you can see where it all went down.

  • The apartment building where Jim Morrison lived on the rooftop and wrote song lyrics for a band he heard in his head
  • The studio where The Doors recorded their landmark first two records
  • Their office and recording studio after achieving success
  • Many Jim Morrison’s haunts and hangouts, like Barney’s Beanery
  • Ground zero of The Doors’ rise to fame—the Sunset Strip and the Whisky A Go-Go

This is a rare opportunity to see so many Doors locations in just a few hours.

The Journey of Jim Morrison
and The Doors in LA