• See us on Ghost Adventures

    Recently Scott filmed and episode of Ghost Adventures with Josh Bagans and the crew.  Look for it soon!  It’s a Hollywood episode about Peg Entwistle, the girl who jumped off the Hollywood Sign in 1932.  It’s a story that’s very dear to me.

    See us on Ghost Adventures
  • Jerry Maren the LAST Munchkin Stops in DDT

    Jerry Maren is the last surviving Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz movie.  He handed Dorothy the lollipop!  Jerry stopped by to say hello and meet our little Heather.

    Jerry Maren the LAST Munchkin Stops in DDT
  • Journey to the lost Spider Pool of Los Angeles

    This isn’t part of the tour, but I thought you would like to see an adventure we went on!  It felt like I was Indiana Jones!

  • We did gravely important work!

    The fine folks who support Dearly Departed Tours have arranged for Johnny Arthur’s grave to be marked in Valhalla Memorial Park.

    We did gravely important work!
  • The Helter Skelter Tour

                  We helped with the research for the new Aquarius show about Manson

    The Helter Skelter Tour
  • Dearly Departed goes NEON!

    Our new neon sign is such a gas!

    Dearly Departed goes NEON!
  • Dearly Departed – Episode 1: “B-Movie Queens”

    Dearly Departed – Episode 1: “B-Movie Queens” from Dearly Departed on Vimeo. In Episode 1 of the exciting new web TV series “Dearly Departed,” host Scott Michaels explores the bizarre death of B-movie actress Yvette Vickers, shows-off personal belongings of icon Jayne Mansfield, and journeys to locations connected to the Phil Spector murder case.

  • Dearly Departed Tours’ List of the 13 Scariest Places in Los Angeles

    Published in the Los Angeles Convention and Tourist Bureau newsletter. See the entire article here.

    Dearly Departed Tours’ List of the 13 Scariest Places in Los Angeles

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Timeline Photos

Don’t forget to download our FREE #DeathaDay app! http://www.deathaday.com

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Timeline Photos

Thursday the 27th of October I’ll be speaking at the Whittier Public Library. Please join the fun!

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WeHo's Route 66: The Starwood -- White Punks on Dope, or White Dopes on Punk? | WEHOville

The Starwood!

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Photos from Dearly Departed Tours and Gallery's post

Rest in Peace, Mr. Gilmore. John Gilmore dazzled us with his stories at the 2014 Dearly Departed Dinner at the Pasadena Mausoleum. What a fascinating, kind man.

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'The Billboard' Recommended as a Sunset Strip 'Spectacular' | WEHOville

This looks fun an interesting. Nothing is being destroyed to build it. But… this thing is supposed to be eye-catching advertising. The only people’s eyes it will catch are behind a wheel. In LA. On Sunset, which is a white-knuckle drive anyway.

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This Free Dearly Departed Death a Day Calendar #deathaday App is now available for all.www.Deathaday.com. Each day you’ll be notified about a Deathaversary of a Celebrity, how they died and where they are buried. Did I say it was free? Because it is. It’s FREE. 365 Awful Days, 365 Awful Deaths. GO. Please..

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Formula One heiress Petra Stunt lists the Manor for sale at $200 million

For a mere 200 mil you can buy the former Mr. Carolyn Jones’ house.

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