G-G-G Ghost Walking Tour

Voted The Best Ghost Tour in LA by Los Angeles Magazine!

Join RIP the Undertaker as he gathers bodies when the sun goes down… When Hollywood’s dark side comes to LIFE! Follow his flickering candle as he leads the brave souls on foot down the Notorious Walk of Fame… and INFAMY!

RIP The Undertaker will recount 100 Tragedy-Filled years that allow mourners to pay their respects at Horrific Haunting Grounds, Creepy Crime Scenes and Foreboding Famous Landmarks. Not every Hollywood Story has a happy ending and sometimes greater fame is achieved in DEATH… than in life.

RIP the Undertaker

RIP the Undertaker

RIP The Undertaker will reveal the scary sights, spooky sounds and stinky smells that define the Tantalizing Tarnished Star that is Tinseltown. The 2-Hour Walking Tour covers a 1-mile bloody trail.

Each guest on this intimate tour will have their headset to hear to make sure you don’t miss a word of The Undertaker’s tales.

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Kindly dress in black to mourn the dead.


Dearly Departed Tours has been featured on Ghost Adventures, The History Channel’s Haunted History, and the Syfy channel’s Haunted Collector. We’ve also been featured in the books Haunted Hollywood and Ghosts of Hollywood I, II and III.

Sometimes additional tours can be added if a minimum number is met. Please feel free to contact us.

Voted “The Best GHOST Tour” by Los Angeles Magazine!