Helter Skelter Tour

helterskelter-logo-160Helter Skelter Tour

Scott Michaels himself hosts this 3.5 hour tour which visits the sites of the Legendary Tate-LaBianca murders carried out by the Manson Family. In this multi-media tour we reconstruct the lives of both killers and victims in the hours leading up to these horrific crimes, details of which are told by the killers themselves through audio recordings.  We’ll discuss the several motivations for this infamous case that brought an end to the Decade of LOVE.

Six_Degrees_of_Helter_Skelter_Unrated_230x322_poIf you’ve seen Scott’s documentary The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter (Available on NETFLIX and in the DDT Shop), you know that Scott is widely acknowledged as an expert on the case. Anyone who followed the Manson Murders and ensuing repercussions knows that this subject continues to shock and fascinate almost 50 years later.

“Nothing Helter Skelter about it! It cuts to the facts and gives you nightmares!” – Rex Reed

Advance purchase is required. Tours usually sell out quickly.

Sometimes additional tours can be added if a minimum number is met. Please feel free to contact us. Advance purchase is required. Tours usually sell out quickly.

Warning: This tour is not recommended for children.

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