Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood

As a child, Marilyn Monroe dreamed of becoming a movie star, and she did.  She has become the most legendary of all movie stars.  Marilyn was born, raised, lived and died right here in Los Angeles. Her tragic story has brought about hundreds of books, movies, and articles—and many of these feature information that is skewed, stretched, exaggerated or flat-out wrong.

Marilyn’s Hollywood is the definitive tour of Marilyn’s family life, romantic life and and will make sure to clear up a lot of the legends and rumors.  You’ll see…

  • The orphanage where little Norma Jean dreamed of becoming a star
  • The restaurant where Marilyn met Yankee Slugger Joe DiMaggio on a blind date
  • The studio where Marilyn got her big break
  • The home where a jealous DiMaggio teamed with Frank Sinatra and broke down the door of an apartment thinking they would find Marilyn being unfaithful, terrifying the woman who actually lived there!  It became known as “The Wrong Door Raid”.
  • The infamous house where Marilyn entered immortality
  • A visit to Westwood Memorial Park to pay your respects to Marilyn in person.

Dearly Departed Tours is proud to partner with LA Woman Tours to offer this rare experience.

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