The Tragical History Tour

TheTragicalHistoryTour-DearlyDepartedThe Tragical History Tour

This is a multimedia bus tour that the NY Daily News called “A Trip Down Bad Memory Lane”. We take you to the homes and locations through Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip where your favorite celebrities lived and died. From the restaurant where Sharon Tate had her “Last Supper” to the pay phone in front of The Viper Room used for the River Phoenix 911 call. We cover Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, John Belushi, as well as Bela Lugosi and The Black Dahlia. Also included are Rebecca Schaeffer and Dominique Dunne. We cover Scandals like Chris Brown and Rihanna, Hugh Grant and Halle Berry. You’ll also learn about forgotten stars whose demise is nothing less than spectacular – That’s the Tragical History bit.  Now we’ve added a stop at Westwood Memorial Park to visit Marilyn, Farrah, Truman, Natalie and more. Get within 6 feet of your favorites!

Lonely Planet calls it “Creepy, Hilarious, but not for the kids or the prissy!”

Warning: Due to the graphic nature of some crime scene photos and descriptions this tour is not recommended for children under 12. Parental discretion is advised!  Read unedited reviews on Yelp.

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Sometimes additional tours can be added if a minimum number is met. Please contact us.

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