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Sunday February 2, 2020


On February 4, 1983, Karen Carpenter became a Star in Heaven. To honor her we offer the annual tour of Karen Carpenter locations in Southern California. The non-comprehensive, just for fun (and love) tour will last no less than 4 and no more than 5 hours. It is jam-packed with more Karen and Richard than you can beat off with a stick. As far as we know this is a once in a lifetime (or at least pretty rare) opportunity. A portion of the ticket money for this tour will be donated to the National Eating Disorders Association.

Sunday October 6, 2019

Nasty Nellie Olsen Tour

You know her best as nasty Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie! Take a tour with Alison Arngrim and learn what it was like to grow up as a child actor in Hollywood. From going to elementary school with Michael Jackson to tales to tell about Liberace, Paris Hilton and the Manson Family, she has seen it all! Tour includes Q&A, an autographed photo of Alison and your very own photo opp – so bring your camera! Due to Alison’s schedule, this tour is subject to her availability.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

James Dean’s Death Trip

This ENTIRE DAY tour is a retracing of James Dean’s last day. From the locations where Jimmy picked up his Porsche that morning, where his Sherman Oaks home was, a location from Rebel Without a Cause then a trip up the 405 to see where Jimmy became immortal, in Cholame, Ca. We’ll lay flowers at the the Jimmy memorial. We’ll also visit Blackwell’s Corner and travel the “old road” that Jimmy actually drove on, seconds before his death, and the funeral home that handled his body. We’ll have sandwiches, drinks and snacks on the bus. We stop a few times throughout the day, including a meals and snacks. (Meal not included). Dean historian Patrick Langdon and Scott Michaels will host this tour. We’ll watch film clips and listen to music dedicated to Jimmy. All things Jimmy. This is an ALL DAY event.

New Dates Coming Soon!

The Doors LA Tour – Strange Days

In the mid- to late-1960s, the City of Angels emerged at the forefront of what was new in music. Nightclubs popped up all over the city, with their highest concentration located along the world-famous Sunset Strip. The Doors were just one of the countless bands performing, but they “broke on through” to become one of the biggest. Influenced by jazz, the blues, early rock and literature, The Doors sounded like no other band performing on the Strip—or anywhere else. And now you can see where it all went down..

New Dates Coming Soon!

Los Angeles Rock N’ Roll Circus Tour

The Rock ’N Roll Circus is a tour that celebrates the music that came out of LA and its enduring legacy. In fact, Los Angeles has one of the richest musical centers in the world. Now, music fans, history buffs and all-around nerds can see the sites where their favorite rock stars performed, recorded, threw TV sets out of windows and slept. The Rock ’N Roll Circus tour celebrates L.A.’s unique musical and cultural past, present and future and puts guests right in the center of where everything happened.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Daze with Jordan the Lion

Jordan the Lion and Scott Michaels will show you around Los Angeles as only they can.

New Dates Coming Soon!

Harlow’s Hollywood

Jean Harlow personified the Golden Age of Hollywood and her death at the age of 26 secured her position as a legend. Harlow’s Hollywood is a comprehensive look at Jean Harlow, the original Blonde Bombshell and Platinum Blonde. Both monikers were created especially for her! Harlow rose to fame as a sharp-tongued vamp whose quick wit and sleek glamour captured the imaginations of movie audiences in the 1930s. Her on-screen image was so powerful for its time that Jean became the prototype for the blondes who followed her.

New Dates Coming Soon!

Marilyn’s Hollywood Tour

As a child, Marilyn Monroe dreamed of becoming a movie star, and she did. She has become the most legendary of all movie stars. Marilyn was born, raised, lived and died right here in Los Angeles. Her tragic story has brought about hundreds of books, movies, and articles—and many of these feature information that is skewed, stretched, exaggerated or flat-out wrong. Marilyn’s Hollywood is the definitive tour of Marilyn’s family life, romantic life and and will make sure to clear up a lot of the legends and rumors.

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