James Dean’s Death Trip


This ENTIRE DAY tour is a retracing of James Dean’s last day. From the locations where Jimmy picked up his Porsche that morning, where his Sherman Oaks home was, a location from Rebel Without a Cause then a trip up the 405 to see where Jimmy became immortal, in Cholame, Ca. We’ll lay flowers at the the Jimmy memorial. We’ll also visit Blackwell’s Corner and travel the “old road” that Jimmy actually drove on, seconds before his death, and the funeral home that handled his body. We’ll have sandwiches, drinks and snacks on the bus. We stop a few times throughout the day, including a meals and snacks. (Meal not included). Dean historian Patrick Langdon and Scott Michaels will host this tour. We’ll watch film clips and listen to music dedicated to Jimmy. All things Jimmy. This is an ALL DAY event.