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Hollywood Celebrity Tours

Also view our Specialized TOURS here!

Also view our Specialized TOURS here!


Tragical History Tour

  • Multimedia Bus Tour
  • Hollywood Celebrity Tour
  • See the homes and locations through Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip where your favorite celebrities lived and died.
  • Including the restaurant where Sharon Tate had her “Last Supper” to the pay phone in front of The Viper Room used for the River Phoenix 911 call.
  • We will cover Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, John Belushi, as well as Bela Lugosi, The Black Dahlia, and more.


Helter Skelter Tour

  • Multimedia Bus Tour
  • We reconstruct the lives of both killers and victims in the hours leading up to these horrific crimes.
  • We’ll discuss the myths and motivations for this legendary case that brought an end to the Decade of LOVE.
  • Hosted by Scott Michaels – creator of the documentary The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter.
  • Scott also worked directly with Quentin Tarantino as consultant on the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019).


Hollywood’s History & Haunts

  • Hosted by Dearly Departed Tours’ Brian Donnelly
  • Follow him as he leads the brave souls on foot down the Notorious Walk of Fame… and infamy!
  • Headsets and wireless receivers for all to make sure you don’t miss a word of the weirdness!
  • You’ll see the scary sights, spooky sounds and stinky smells that define the Tantalizing Tarnished Star that is Tinseltown.


Homicide True Crime Tour

  • Dearly Departed Tours’ curator Scott Michaels has personally assembled a collection of True Crime stories around LA that are so very gruesome, so “out-there”, they deserve their own tour.
  • Decapitation, strangulation, a chainsaw, arson, call-girl/prostitution murders, spree and serial killers and a PLANE CRASH all around the Hollywood and West Hollywood area.
  • Not for the faint of heart or the prissy, this is our grisliest tour yet!

August 24th, 2019

Once Upon a Tour In… Hollywood

  • Step back in time – well back in to Quentin Tarantino’s time, 1969.
  • These legendary locations of Hollywood were recreated to be featured in the film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.
  • Although Brad and Leo are gone and the streets are sadly back to their 2019 incarnation, through the guide’s recollection and still images, you’ll see in person the way it was then… and then.
  • This is a really wonderful date-night treat.

Saturdays & Sundays

Behind the Boulevard Tour

  • Join the Best Guide in LA (LA Magazine) Brian Donnelly as you explore a part of Hollywood that most folks never get to see.
  • Brian lives and breathes Hollywood and he personally has assembled this 90-minute walking tour of lesser known yet legendary landmarks.
  • From movie locations, Rock n’ Roll, Infamous Murders and Scandals, this walk is a little more than a mile.

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